CAS-E and IKGF Lecture Series

Jan 24
24. Januar 2023 18:15 Uhr bis 19:45 Uhr
Raum 000.235, großer Seminarraum, Hartmannstr. 14, Gebäude D1, 91052 Erlangen and online


• October 25: Prof. Casey, C. “Relational Ontologies of Illness, and the Nigerian Sahel”
• November 8: Dr. Gesterkamp, L. “Creating Daoism: The Fangdao Yulu and Daoist Esoteric Practices in the Republican Period”
• November 15: Dr. Herrmans, I. “The Unknown in Relations: Sorcery and Healing in Indonesian
• November 22: Antonello Palumbo (IKGF)
• November 29: Dr. Otto, B. “The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path: A Reinvented Tradition“
• December 6: Dr. Abassi, M. “AlternativeRationalities and Esoteric Practices in the Persian Gulf Area”
• December 6: Dr. Cheng, W. “Disenchantment and Re-Enchantment: Contemporary Esoteric Practices of Crystal Healing in Comparative Perspectives”
• January 17: Eva Henke (IKGF)
• January 24: Dr. Chopel, D. “The Pandemic Buddha: Reinvention and Reappropriation of Esoteric Buddhist Practices as a Mechanism of Social Re-Organisation and Epidemiological Responses in Bhutan”
• January 24: Dr. Erriciello, M. „The Gift of the Last Magi: Ritual Power and Symbolic Value of the nīrangdīn Ceremony“
• January 31: Prof. Nehring, A. (TBA)
• February 7: Richard Sage (IKGF)