IKGF Lecture Series

Jul 26
18:15 Uhr bis 19:45 Uhr
Alle 2 Wochen Dienstags, bis zum 26.07.2022
Room 00.235 ("Großer Seminarraum") Building D1, Hartmannstr. 14, 91052 Erlangen and online via Zoom


03.05. Orientation and Avoidance: Prenatal Space Divination during the Tang and Song Dynasties (Cheng Wan-Chun, IKGF Visiting Fellow)
17.05. Pictures at an Exhibition. An Illustrated Report on the Exhibit “Signs of the Future. Divination in East Asia and Europe” 2021 at the National Museum in Nuremberg (Michael Lackner, IKGF Director)
31.05. The Changing Portrayal of Divination and Prognostication in pre-Han and post-Han shu 書 texts (Thomas Crone, IKGF Research Coordinator)
14.06. The Epistemology of the UFO: The Communities and Narratives of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Cold War USSR (Alexey Golubev, University of Houston)
28.06. [title tba.] (Dimitri Drettas, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
12.07. Destiny and Human Nature in Daoist Internal Alchemy: The Views of Liu Yiming (1734-1821) (Fabrizio Pregadio, IKGF Guest Professor)
26.07. The Prognostication for the Change of Fate—Yiguandao’s Eschatology and Responding Practices (Yeh-Ying Shen, IKGF Visiting Fellow)

All lectures will also be streamed online (live): https://fau.zoom.us/j/66470896618?pwd=cFN0SlFVS1E4SlJpOUprLzdQdzA5QT09
Information: https://www.ikgf.uni-erlangen.de/events/upcoming-events/