International Online Conference "Textiles Matters"

Feb 24
24. Februar 2021 bis 26. Februar 2021

The everyday utensils of former agriculture
oriented settlements around the prehistoric lakeside
were, to a large extent, textile products
of the natural environment. Functional textiles
were used in everyday subsistence which likewise
helped the settlement carry out tasks that
were indispensable in the context of sedentary
Perhaps a little provocative but essentially the
question arises as to what extent sedentariness
would have been possible without textiles simply
because there is, so far, no other material
that is as versatile as textile raw material.
This particular theme is part of the joint project
funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and
Research in Germany for 2019 to 2021
( In this context there will be
an online conference, that take place between
24-25 February 2021

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