“The Back Channel”: A reading class based on William J. Burn’s memoirs on American Diplomacy [Teilbereich AER]



Zeit/Ort n.V.

Modul Hauptseminar im BA PolWis, BA English and American Studies (Studienrichtung American Studies) für Import-Kombi-Modul „Politics and Culture“

  • Einzeltermin am 15.07.2022 12:00-18:00, Raum HS C (außer vac) ICS
  • Einzeltermin am 22.07.2022 12:00-18:00, Raum 05.054 (außer vac) ICS
  • Einzeltermin am 29.07.2022 12:00-16:00, Raum 05.054 (außer vac) ICS

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

1. Sitzung: Donnerstag, den 28. April, 16-18 Uhr
Blocksitzungen: 15. Juli 12-18 Uhr; 22. Juli 12-18 Uhr; 29. Juli 12-16 Uhr

Anmeldung über Frau Ulrike Frank (ulrike.frank@fau.de)


Over the course of more than three decades as an American diplomat, William J. Burns (since 2021 CIA director) played a central role in numerous diplomatic episodes. Based on our reading of the book we will continue with a reflection on the role of memoirs/autobiographies in international politics. We then use the book as a springboard for a conceptual analysis of a changing international architecture and the implications for US foreign policy. We will do this by referring explicitly on the Middle East and North Africa. The seminar starts with a kick-off session in late April to be followed by a reading slot until mid-July when we reconvene for three sessions en bloc. Please note: The book and the chapters for each session will be available as pdf on StudOn. The eBook is also accessible online in the library.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Erwartete Teilnehmerzahl: 20