GS English Linguistics I



Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Fr 14:00-15:30, Raum 2.047 ICS
  • Mi 8:00-9:30, Raum U1.038 (außer 2021-10-20,vac) ICS
  • Fr 11:30-13:00, Raum 2.031 ICS

The Grundseminar Linguistics I belongs to the following modules in the indicated degree programs:

  • BA English and American Studies: Basismodul II Linguistics|. (No requirements.)
  • Lehramt Englisch an Gymnasien: |Basismodul II Linguistics|. (No requirements.)
  • Lehramt Englisch an Grund-, Mittel- und Realschulen: |Elementarmodul L-UF Linguistics. (No requirements.)


Linguistics is the scientific study of language. The |Grundseminar Linguistics I|, in combination with the |Aufbauseminar| and the |Basisvorlesung| (except for students of L-UF), is intended to give an overview of essential aspects of the field, of approaches and research methods. This includes questions like the following: - How can the structure of language be described? For example: How are different sounds formed and what function do sounds have in the act of communication? How are words and how are sentences structured? - How do people use language? How does the language of different people vary and why do people vary in their use of language? Why and how does language change? - Is linguistics supposed to describe or prescribe linguistic usage? Is there correct and incorrect English in native speakers? Who decides what correct English is? - How can insights gained in this way be used for the teaching and learning of English? Are some English grammars and dictionaries better than others, and what are the criteria? The prerequisite for a successful participation in the |Grundseminar English Linguistics| is a sound knowledge of English. The course itself will be held in English and concludes with a written end-of-semester test.