Second Language Acquisition and Language Teaching



Zeit/Ort n.V.:

  • Do 10:15-11:45, Raum KH 1.012

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

This course is part of the "Aufbaumodul Englischdidaktik".
"Prüfungsnummern": 72511 (PO 2012, Mittelseminar) or 72501 (PO2007/09, Seminar)
Lehramt Gym: Students intending to work as teachers at a Gymnasium can also take this course as a course under "Freier Bereich" ("Prüfungsnummer" 69101, PO 2012, Hauptseminar or "Prüfungsnummer" 20412, PO 2007/09, Hauptseminar).
Of course, all other students intending to work as teachers are welcome to attend this course, too.
You must have passed the courses of the "Basismodul" before you can attend this course.


This course will introduce future teachers to research methods that can be used to examine second/foreign language classrooms. It is particularly aimed at students who intend to write their "Zulassungsarbeit" in the field of foreign language learning and teaching. Becoming familiar with classroom-based research methods not only enables students and teachers to do research in their own second/foreign language classrooms, it also provides a solid basis for assessing the findings of previous research. We will discuss different types of research and research methods that can be used to examine teachers' and learners' attitudes and behaviors in the second/foreign language classroom. All students will be asked to describe a research project based on specific research methods such as interviews, questionnaires, case studies or observations.

Empfohlene Literatur

Course materials will be provided. There is no prescribed textbook. Regular attendance,active participation in class, short academic presentation and seminar paper