MAS Space Matters: Concepts of Spatiality in Culture, Literature and Theory (Masterkurs mit Lektüregruppe (Master Module I) inkl. Konferenz)



Zeit/Ort n.V.:

  • Mo 13:15-15:45, Raum A 603 (Bismarckstr. 1)

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

Der Masterkurs gehört in folgenden Studiengängen jeweils zu folgenden Modulen:

  • MA English Studies: Master Module I (Zulassungsvoraussetzung: keine)


The Master Course provides a detailed examination, contextualization and discussion of a theoretical concept and (its historically specific) application. In this seminar we will focus on space and its representations and transformations in a range of cultural artefacts and literary texts from the nineteenth century to the present. We will not only cover established cultural and literary theories of spatiality, such as Mikhail Bakhtin's notion of the chronotope, Michel Foucault's concept of heterotopology and Michel de Certeau's model of spatial practices, but we will also engage with more recent approaches in the field, e.g. psychogeography and non-places. Furthermore, we will scrutinise how space and place intersect with race, gender and class. Among our prospective literary texts are Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles|(1891), Virginia Woolf's |A Room of One's Own| (1929), J. G. Ballard's |Concrete Island| (1974) and Helen Oyeyemi's |White is for Witching (2009).

Students will be expected to conduct substantial amounts of independent and self-reliant work in the seminar. The course also focuses on presentation skills that especially address the needs of MA-students, who will present a paper in the context of a student conference at the end of the semester. It is strongly recommended for students of this seminar to attend the conference Locating Intersections of Medicine and Mobility in 19th-Century Britain that will take place in Erlangen on 4 and 5 October 2019 to gain an insight into 'academic conference culture' before the semester starts. Please contact Dr. Dinter for further information on the conference.

Empfohlene Literatur

Please read the 2003 Penguin Classics edition of Thomas Hardy's |Tess of the d'Urbervilles| [ISBN: 978-0141439594] over the summer break.