HS Classics of American Poetry



Zeit/Ort n.V.:

  • Di 16:15-17:45, Raum C 303

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

Das HS Culture kann wie folgt verwendet werden:

  • BA English and American Studies: "Hauptmodul A Literature" mit begleitender Independent Study Group (Zulassungsvoraussetzung: Zwischenmodul II)

  • BA American Studies: "Hauptmodul A Literature/Culture" mit begleitender Independent Study Group (Zulassungsvoraussetzung: Zwischenmodul II)

  • MA North American Studies: Modul 5 oder 8

  • MA The Americas / Las Américas: Modul 3b oder 4

  • MA English Studies: "Freie Ergänzungsstudien/Wild Card": Wie Aufbaumodul, mit begleitendem Kurs

  • Lehramt: Hauptmodul L-GYM Literature


We are going to (re-)examine "all-time” favorites of American poetry, texts (in verse) by some of the most anthologized American poets of the 19th and 20th century, poems of the so-called canon, which is a notion we will also problematize in this seminar. We will focus on poetry that is not new in the sense of ‘having been composed and published recently’ but on poetry that might make us ask if Nick Laird and Don Paterson had a point when they wrote, in 2017, that "Ezra Pound’s declaration that ‘literature is news that stays news’ seems, appropriately, never to get old, and of all literature it may well fit poetry best.”