On the Move: Cultural and Literary Theories of Mobility



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  • Do 13:15-15:45, Raum A 603 (Bismarckstr. 1) ICS

Der Masterkurs gehört in folgenden Studiengängen jeweils zu folgenden Modulen:
MA English Studies: Master Module I (Zulassungsvoraussetzung: keine)


The Master Course provides a detailed examination, contextualization and discussion of a theoretical concept and (its historically specific) application. Students will be expected to conduct substantial amounts of independent and self-reliant work in the seminar. The course also focuses on presentation skills that especially address the needs of MA-students, who will present a paper in the context of a student conference at the end of the semester. This winter the Master Module I will focus on mobility and its theorizations, representations and transformations in criticism, cultural artefacts and literary works from the past and present. Never has western culture been more mobile than in the twenty-first century: humans walk, cycle, drive, travel on trains and airplanes. Migration, transcontinental trade and digital infastructure mark the age of globalisation. Although mobility still serves as a symbol of freedom, modernity and individuality, since the early 2000s critics have inceasingly drawn attention to its intersections with race, gender and class and the social and ecological consequences of time-space compression. In this seminar, we will cover classic theoretical considerations of mobility (e.g. by Michel de Certeau, FÈlix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze) as well as more recent approaches associated with the new mobilities paradigm (e.g. by Tim Cresswell, Mimi Sheller and John Urry). We will take a closer look at representations micromobilities such as walking and horse-riding in poetry, narrative fiction and film and examine crucial moments in the transport revolution ranging from the invention of the stage-coach and train to the car and airplane. Finally, we will consider migration as a contemporary macromobility. Based on our readings and discussion, we will organise a student conference at the end of the term where students will present their own conference papers. You do not have to prepare any set texs over the summer break. If you want to find out more about the the field of mobility studies, Peter Adey's |Mobility| (Routledge, 2017) is a good starting point. Please note that because of the COVID-19 pandemic this seminar will be taught online. Most weeks will consist of synchronous sessions on Zoom in combination with some asynchronous learning activities on StudOn.

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