Language and Literacy



Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Mi 10:15-11:45, Raum KH 1.020 ICS

Due to the latest COVID-19 regulations, winter term classes shall, if possible, be taught in presence again. The first session, however, will be online. The further procedure will be discussed during the first session.

Das wissenschaftliche Seminar gehört in folgenden Studiengängen jeweils zu folgenden Modulen:

  • MA English Studies: Descriptive and Theoretical Linguistics B

  • MA Linguistik: Descriptive and Theoretical Linguistics B

  • Lehramt Englisch an Gymnasien: Hauptmodul.

Leistungen: je nach Prüfungsordnung Klausur oder Hausarbeit


Since the written form of language must be explicitly taught and is strongly influenced by prescriptivist notions, linguists often regard writing as an uninteresting and somewhat artificial add-on to spoken language. However, the availability of the written form influences language structure and representation in profound ways. In this course, we examine these influences at both the individual level (how individual speakers' phonological representations, lexical knowledge and grammar change as a result of learning to read and write) and at the social level (how languages with a history of literacy differ from those which do not have a written form), and discuss the implications for our understanding of what language is.

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