Victorian Culture



Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Di 12:15-13:45, Raum C 301 ICS

  • MA English Studies: Introductory Module: Culture (module 4000, exam 40001: oral exam 20 min - deviations from examination regulation due to restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus are possible)


The Victorian period saw enormous economic, political, social, technological, scientific, artistic and literary innovation and change. As such, it is a rich period for research. We will explore the diverse facets of nineteenth-century British culture with a view to developing a historical framework and research methodology for advanced cultural studies. Accordingly, this online seminar will focus on a number of different concepts and theoretical positions that can comprise (Victorian) cultural studies and pervade culturally informed readings of Victorian texts. - Course material will be provided online, and please make sure that you also attend my lecture course on 19th-century British literature and culture which completes the Introductory Master Module.

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