Topics in Linguistic Theory



Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Mo 12:15-13:45, Raum 00.4 PSG ICS

The wissenschaftliche Seminar belongs to the following modules in the indicated degree programs:

  • MA English Studies: Introductory Module
  • MA Linguistik: Modul 1/3 Linguistic Theory and Description
  • BA English and American Studies: Haupmodul B|. (Requirements: completed |Zwischenmodul II|.)
  • Lehramt Englisch an Gymnasien: |Optionsmodul.


The seminar |Topics in Linguistic Theory| offers an overview of various linguistic subdisciplines and their approaches, taking a theoretical and descriptive as well as a synchronic and diachronic perspective. It is the aim of this course to illustrate various theoretical approaches towards the analysis of language, for instance, structuralism, generative linguistics and usage-based theories. At the present time it is not clear whether this course will be held in presence or online. Further information will follow in due course. Depending on the degree program, the class will end with an oral exam (MA, BA) or a written exam (L-Gym).

Zusätzliche Informationen

Erwartete Teilnehmerzahl: 25