Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Di 14:15-15:45, Raum C 702 ICS
  • Di 18:00-19:30, Raum 00.011 ICS

Bitte beachten Sie: Die ersten beiden Wochen werden alle Kurse im Modul auf jeden Fall online stattfinden. Danach wird in Absprache mit den Studierenden entschieden, ob ein Wechsel in den Präsenzunterricht geschehen kann.

The course will (at least partly) be taught online and consist of two sessions per week (Tue, 14:15-15:45: Linguistics; Tue., 18:00-19:30: Literary/Cultural Studies). It will end with an oral exam including a short presentation.
The Kombiseminar belongs to the following modules and degree programs:

  • BA English and American Studies: Zwischenmodul I: Thematisches Kombinationsmodul|. (Requirements: completed |Grundlagen- und Orientierungspruefung)


'Text' and 'textuality' are central concepts in both Linguistics and Cultural Studies. The analysis of 'texts' is the objective of both disciplines. But what is a 'text'? This seminar aims to find out whether Linguistics and Cultural Studies share the same assumptions about what constitutes 'texts', and why (not) - and how they attempt to make sense of them (approaches, methods, and terminology). The following texts will be used in this seminar and you should have read them before classes begin in October: - William Shakespeare's |Romeo and Juliet|. - Ted Lewis, |Get Carter|. New York: Syndicate Books. 2014.

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Erwartete Teilnehmerzahl: 20