(Post)Colonial Caribbean: History, Theory, Literature



Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Mi 12:15-13:45, Raum C 303 ICS

Suitable for:

  • BA: Hauptmodul
  • LA-Gym: Hauptmodul
  • MA (see specified below)

Depending on your module, an essay, presentation, or both are necessary to pass this course. We will discuss this further in the first session.


In this course, we read and discuss a number of novels and short stories from or about the Caribbean, as well as theoretical texts which have attempted to come to terms with (parts of) the complex history of the region. We roughly follow the colonial--postcolonial--globalization timeline. Issues that are addressed prominently in the course are those of the plantation, slavery, and other forms of colonial violence; cultural identity, migration, and poverty; and tax havens. We will work predominantly with anglophone texts as well as some translations. Authors include CRL James, Claudia Jones, and Cristina García.

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