MAS Comparative Philosophy - advanced seminar/colloquium (bachelor degree course in philosophy) - (Examination numbers on MeinCampus: MA 82001, MA 82401, MA 82011, MA 82012, MA 82411; theoretisch: BA 54701, BA 54702, BA 53901; praktisch: BA 54801, BA 54802, BA 53801)



Zeit und Ort:

auch für fortgeschrittene BA-Studierende geeignet, ECTS-Credits: siehe entsprechende meinCampus-Einträge für die o. g. Prüfungsnummern.

  • Mo 18:00-20:00

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

*Organizational matters / requirements:*

This master seminar mainly addresses students of the master degree
course in philosophy as well as advanced students in the corresponding bachelor degree course; master
students from further disciplines which are interested in the offered topic may participate in consultation
with their supervisor. The number of participants is limited to the maximum of *12 persons. Due to the small
number of admitted students registration on StudOn is highly required! Only regular students are

Information: masterseminar / advanced seminar (BA), 2 SWS, oral presentation and graded seminar paper, ECTS-studies, ECTS-Credits: 8 (advanced seminar BA VT practical/theoretical philosophy, seminar paper) resp. 2 (colloquium VT theoretical resp. practical philosophy); 4 (masterseminar practical resp. theoretical philosophy, participation on a regular basis); 6 (masterseminar practical resp. theoretical philosophy, graded seminar paper); 11 (masterseminar key module practical/theoretical philosophy, oral presentation and graded seminar paper). Working language: English. Guest auditor not permitted!



While globalization mainly is a standardizing program, the comparison issue in transculturality has become
more and more important. But to compare cultural values we have to take for granted that there exist well
defined values which represent the particular culture.

Empfohlene Literatur

*Literature:* Edgar, A. (2008). Cultural theory, the key concepts. (2. ed.). London [u.a.]: Routledge. Szeman, Imre; Kaposy, Timothy (Eds.) (2011). Cultural Theory: An Anthology. Malden, MA [u.a.]: Wiley-Blackwell; p. 558