Modul III: Introduction to Gifted Education and Talent Development



Zeit/Ort n.V.:

NÜRNBERG, Klausur am 27.03.2020

  • Einzeltermin am 18.10.2019 15:45-16:45, Raum 0.014
  • Blockveranstaltung 23.03.2020-24.03.2020 Mo, Di 9:00-17:00, Raum 0.014
  • Einzeltermin am 25.03.2020 9:00-12:00, Raum 0.014
  • Einzeltermin am 27.03.2020 10:30-12:00, Raum 0.014

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

Introduction:18.10.2019 15:45-16:45 Exam: 27.03.2020 10:30-12:00
Das Blockseminar findet vom 23.03.2020 bis 25.03.2020 statt.


What does it mean to be gifted and talented? How to identify and educate gifted and talented learners? In this seminar, we will discuss the concepts and models of giftedness to gain a better understanding of gifted education and talent development. You will learn about various identification approaches, methods and tests that are currently used. We will look at different educational practices and strategies; examine how effective they are based on research. On completion of this seminar, you will have a good understanding of identifying and nurturing gifts and talents, including but not limited to gifted students.
Format: Approximately 60% lecture, 40% group discussions. At the end of the course, students need to take a written exam.

Note: The lecture session will be conducted in English. Students can choose to participate in the group discussion and practice in both English and German.

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