Decision Making in Organisations: Rationality, Power, Emotions and Ethics



Zeit/Ort n.V.:

  • Mo 10:15-11:45, Raum 05.013


Decision making is one of the core issues in economy, politics and social affairs throughout the world. Moreover, it is of crucial scientific interest, as here it is where social structure meets human action, degrees of freedom meet constraints, social power meets different cultures, rationalities and interests, and decision makers and other actors cooperate in specific ways within organisations and networks. Good decision making works as a micro foundation of survival and sustainability of organisations and other collective actors, both for themselves and in relation to their (embeddedness in) social, cultural and natural environments. Thus, making a decision is not just an act of free will, power and resources, but is bounded within cultural, social and economic frameworks along paths, structures and corridors of possibilities and constraints.

The seminar will introduce into classic and present day theories of decision making in organisations and societies. We are going to combine classical questions of individual actors, power and interests, and the (ir)rationality of organisational processes with most recent topics of intercultural and transcultural contexts and organisation-environment relations.