Living and studying in Germany



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Online Seminar; Keine Begrenzung der Teilnehmerzahl; Regelmäßige und aktive Teilnahme, Erarbeitung der Lehrinhalte in beispielhaften Online-Übungen und Arbeitsaufträgen zu den Einheiten, abschließendes Reflexionspapier

B1 – B2 level English


Content: •Introduction of Germany and the FAU to international students •Basic concepts of the German culture •Basic concepts of the German academic system •Metacognitive learning strategies for a successful study in Germany •Basic concepts of intercultural and interpersonal communication Learning objectives and skills: The students are able to •describe the structure and organisations of the FAU as well as the support infrastructure for FAU students •describe and understand norms and values in the German culture •understand the German “Humboldtian model” of higher education •describe Germany’s politics, geography, climate, economy and culture •understand key concepts of the German culture with a special focus on campus life and the academic environment •develop knowledge on interpersonal and intercultural communication •name and describe the FAU course formats, learning activities and assessments Integration in curriculum: 1st semester transition studies Module compatibility: Transition Studies Culture Module frequency: winter term Workload: Independent study: 60 hours Module duration: 1 semester Teaching and examination language: Teaching and examination language is English

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Schlagwörter: Internationalisierung, Interkulturelle Kompetenz