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  • Di 14:15-15:45, Raum KH 0.024

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Regular attendance + seminar paper.


Brexit has dominated British politics unlike any other topic before. It is a multidimensional problem. The Brexit referendum tells us a lot about divisions in British society. The debate on Brexit brings us right to the heart of the power struggle inside the Conservative party. The external dimension of Brexit is not only about the future relationship of the EU and the UK; it is also about Britain in a global world. Brexit has profoundly changed British politics and has redefined regional politics (Scotland/Northern Ireland) in the UK.

Empfohlene Literatur

Simon Hix: Brexit: Where is the EU-UK Relationship Heading?, Journal of Common Market Studies 56, 2018, S. 11-27. Sara B. Hobolt: Brexit and the 2017 UK General Election, Journal of Common Market Studies 56, 2018, S.39-50. Will Jennings/ Martin Lodge (2018): Brexit, the tides and Canute: the fracturing politics of the British state, Journal of European Public Policy,

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