"Managing global challenges in World Politics - Government vs. Governance”



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Das Modul besteht aus zwei Masterseminaren, die beide besucht werden müssen. In jedem der beiden Seminare wird eine Präsentation zu einem der Seminarthemen erwartet. Das Thema der Hausarbeit kann aus beiden Seminaren frei gewählt werden. Nur eine Hausarbeit ist erforderlich.


The post-Cold War era has been characterized by the absence of a defining great power rivalry. At the same time, the intensification of social relations and interdependence across borders due to processes of rapid globalization and technological change, among other factors, have transformed risks and threats faced by states and societies. As challenges in the sphere of security, economic and financial stability, environment or public health are increasingly global in scope, state power has partly eroded, and new modes of governance have evolved. Thus, states are not the only actors anymore confronting global challenges through traditional mechanisms of government. On the one hand, states have delegated authority to international organizations (IOs) to manage global challenges, on the other hand, various non-state actors such as international NGO or transnational corporations engage in global governance arrangements. The master seminar contrasts traditional mechanisms of state government with evolving modes of governance to confront global challenges and analyzes their effectiveness and legitimacy. While Professor Stefan Fröhlich’s seminar focuses on modes of government across various policy arenas, Johannes Jüde’s seminar discusses modes of governance in these fields.

Empfohlene Literatur

Baylis, John; Steve Smith and Patricia Owens (eds.) (2016): The Globalization of World Politics, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Zürn, Michael (2018): A Theory of Global Governance. Authority, Legitimacy, and Contestation, Oxford: Oxford University Press.



"Managing global challenges in World Politics - Government vs. Governance”



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