CAS-E Lecture: The Tangki, A Spirit Medium in Chinese Temples in Kelantan. Ethnographic Perspectives (Dr. Alexander Stark & Dr. Yohan Kurniawan, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan)

Datum: 23. November 2023Zeit: 15:00 – 16:30Ort: Zoom

Hybride Lecture Series, immer Dienstags 18.15.-19.45, Hartmannstr. 14, Gebäude D1, Erlangen

October 31, 2023 Dr. Julia Gyimesi: Family Constellation Therapy in the Context of Esotericism
November 7, 2023 Dr. Lina Aschenbrenner: The Aesthetic Assemblage of Hawaiian Hula
Dance: A Framework for Researching Practices in Their Embodied Dimensions and Global Perspective
November 14, 2023 Dr. Juan Rivera On the Possibility of Esoteric Practices in the Amerindian Andes: The Perspective of Witches and a Ritual Song to Heal And Dance
November 21, 2023 Dr. James Michael Edmonds (Arizona State University): Chased by Blessings: The Metaphysics of the Olfactory (NUR VIA ZOOM)
November 28, 2023 Dr. Jane Parish (Keele University): American Idols and West African Spirits: Bewitching Superstars in New York City
December 5, 2023 Dr. Cecilia Bastos: Identity, body and emotion among yoga and meditation practitioners in Brazil
December 12, 2023 Dr. Ilia Mozias: The Shades of Emptiness: The Alchemical Teaching of the Master Wei Yao 魏堯
December 19, 2023 Dr. Jesper Sørensen (Aarhus Universitet): Magic as social mediation
January 9, 2024 Prof. Dr. Birgit Menzel: Translation and the Study of Esotericism
January 16, 2024 Prof. Dr. Dominik Müller: Hybrid Pathways to Orthodoxy: Esoteric Practices in “Sharia Compliant” Exorcism
January 23, 2024 Dr. Liana Saif (University of Amsterdam): Islamicate Magic in the Twelth Century: Hermetic, Islamic, and Jewish Entanglements
January 30, 2024 Dr. Monika Hirmer: Srividya goes West: Continuities and Transformations in Cross-Cultural Encounters
February 6, 2024 Prof. Dr. Danielle Boaz (University of North Carolina): The Gorilla in the Room: The Rights to Practice Animal Sacrifice Amidst Growing Animal Rights Activism (NUR VIA ZOOM)

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November 23, 2023 Dr. Alexander Stark & Dr. Yohan Kurniawan (Universiti Malaysia Kelantan): The Tangki, A Spirit Medium in Chinese Temples in Kelantan. Ethnographic Perspectives (NUR VIA ZOOM, Zoomlink:

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23. November 2023
15:00 – 16:30


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