Workshop Genghis Khan’s Posthumous Life in Modern Eurasia

Datum: 9. März 2024Zeit: 09:00 – 17:00Ort: Lehrstuhl der Sinologie, Artilleriestraße 70, Erlangen

09:00–9:30 Welcome and introduction (Chen Fei, Marc Matten, Egas Moniz Bandeira)

9:30–11:00 Session 1

Qiu Yihao (Fudan University): Folding the Chinggisid World: the Spatial Order and Political Hierarchy in Ming Policy toward Islamic Central Asia

Wang Hao (Peking University): The contradictory understandings of Chinggis Khan and their impact on Sino-Mongolian relations, 1947-1962

Sun Weihan (Oxford University) At the Crossroads of Chinese Nationalism and Socialist Internationalism: Revisiting Genghis Khan in the Sino-Soviet Split and the Chinese Historiographical Revolution

11:00–11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:30 Keynote Speech (Tatiana Linkhoeva, New York University): Chinggis Khan and Imperial Histories: A Tale of Russian and Japanese Historiographies

12:30 –14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 –15:00 Session 2

Altankhuyagiin Bat-Orgil (University of Bonn): The Chinggisid Ideology of the Democratic Party in Mongolia

Katarzyna Golik (Polish Academy of Sciences): Learning about Chinggis-khan through public education: A patchwork of narrations of Mongol teaching aids in China between the years 2007-2011

15:00 –15:30 Coffee Break

15:30 –16:30 Session 3

Nils Eric Danielsson (Swedish Defence University / Georgetown University): Chinggis Khaan in North Korean History Books: Reinforcing the Narrative of Constant External Threat

Benedetta de Bonis (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): Genghis Khan, Women, and the West. Rewritings and adaptations of the Secret History of the Mongols in European and American Contemporary Literature and Cinema

16:30 –17:00 Concluding discussion

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9. März 2024
09:00 – 17:00

Lehrstuhl der Sinologie, Artilleriestraße 70, Erlangen

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