Veranstaltung: Publication Seminar for young scientists

Bild: Ruth Maloszek/FAU

This non-credit seminar aimed at (advanced) graduate students and junior scholars has as its ultimate goal the submission of an academic essay for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal or similar publi-cation forum. Participants should have a piece of critical writing in an advanced stage by the beginning of the semester and be willing to work with their peer group in an open and collegial atmosphere during the three (to four) meetings. We will concentrate on structural issues, forms of presen-tation, conventions used in academic writing, and stylistic aspects. With completion of the Publication Seminar, participants should have an academic essay that is ready for submission.
The seminar will meet three times during the 2018 summer term (19 April; 7 June; 5 July; 2-5 pm). Participants will pre-circulate versions of their essays (5000-7000 words) to all participants one week prior to meetings; and they will share in discussing all drafts.
To apply, please send an email to Büro für Forschung by 19 February 2018, with a short abstract (300 words; pdf) of your essay attached.
Shira Richman directs the Writing Centre at FAU, having previously served in the same function at a technical university in Colorado. She has worked as an editor, writer, and writing teacher for over a decade.
Gerd Bayer is an associate editor of a Routledge journal, has edited a number of essay collections for international presses, and has served as peer reviewer for over a dozen international journals.

Call for application